Audit Analytics

Datattest’s analytic framework is based on

Model Auditing – We understand data quality.  Our certified data scientists and IT auditors..

Knowledge Discovery in Databases – Data mining is a logical first step for integrating analytics into the traditional audit process.  With the speed and volume of information that organizations own, internal auditors are in an advantageous position to leverage it with analytic audit procedures.  We are experienced at navigating IT environments and database structures to transform data into knowledge.  Our decision scientists have mined voter records, medical claims, financial transactions, and many other types of records on a big-data scale.

Continuous Auditing – We hyper-leverage analytics in our audit processes.  At the core of our approach is advanced utilization of technology to apply audit logic across entire databases, rather than through testing of individual transactions.  Our predictive models are built using ensemples of machine learning and deep neural networks that

We employ a framework for analytics that is built on industry-best practices and enhanced with our experience of the audit process.

For example, “data cleaning” in a traditional analytics context describes procedures that can delete incomplete records, omit outliers, and change values.  In the audit industry the incomplete and inaccurate transactions are often the target of our efforts.  Datattest LLC uses a hybrid approach for analytic auditing in which we first perform data reliability testing and then perform data cleaning using adopted procedures that retain all records.

Another challenging analytic auditing situation is documentation of source data and documentation the complex procedures that extract, transform, and model that data.  Datattest LLC uses templates and custom code to fully document the source and procedures involved in every audit analysis.  We deliver audit-ready documentation that can be executed at any later date to exactly replicate our results for quality control processes, investigations, or court trials.

Did you know that all major audit standards allow the use of technical experts to supplement and train your audit teams?  Government Auditing Standards go as far as to require Audit Managers to staff up their teams with experts during planning if the team doesn’t have the collective ability to answer the audit objectives.  Please call or email to disuss your specific needs for audit analytics services.  We may be able to help!